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An Audiophile grade organizer.


Encompassing Scale

Amplifi fulfills the needs of both audiophiles and casual users alike. It provides a stand on which headphones, earbuds, and audio accessories can be displayed and stored, while also affording intuitive and thoughtful user experience design. 


Simply place the headphones on the stand like you would on your own head, and wrap the cord around the angled pegs. This results in your headphones being displayed like on a pedestal while organized in a neatly manner.


The large metal band fits headphones of all sizes, effectively providing a one size fits all solution for users with heads and headphones  of all sizes. The aluminum band is rounded and filleted to protect and prevent damage to the headphones.


The earbuds are displayed on the two vertically oriented pegs. Two pairs of earbud tips can be placed within the recessed storage area. No more need to untangle messy headphone cables or search through boxes to find replacement eartips.

Work Envelopes

Human Factors were prioritized during development to afford hassle free and natural feeling use. Taking into account average palm sizes, the earbuds can simply be wrapped around your hand and placed on the pegs.

Design Process

The Problem

Whether it be an Audiophile or casual listener, users are familiar with the hassle of storing tangled cords, loose eartips, and single audio adapters. Amplifi was designed to address these issues by acting as a hub where these items and accessories could be displayed and stored simultaneously.



Originally, the goal was to address earbud organization for the moving user. However, as more research was done, the scope was broadened to encompass audio equipment in general. Influence was taken from human anatomy, with the stand's silhouette reminiscent of a human head.

Design Refinement

Designs were tweaked through multiple iterations on paper and within CAD. Functionality and storage capabilities were added and refined, with experimentation conducted on materials and finishings as well.


A multitude of different fabrication and manufacturing techniques were utilized in order to create the final model. A combination of metal and wood were used in this design variation due to the versatility and availability of said materials. 

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