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Raycon Everyday Speaker

Client: Kingta

Raycon Speaker _edited.jpg

Your everyday, anywhere speaker.

Clean design, Compact size, and Clear sound. A speaker than impresses without breaking the bank. Simple construction and clean styling were key to creating a low cost, no frills speaker that appealed to the masses.

Raycon Speaker .948.jpg
Raycon Speaker .943.jpg
Raycon Speaker .872.jpg

Small speaker, small details.

With such a simple design, the devil's in the details. Parting lines, fabric - body tangency, and converging design lines were but a few of the elements that came together to create this speaker.

Raycon Speaker .952.jpg
Raycon Speaker .292.jpg

Runs in the family.

Transferrable design language enables derivative models to be created, and variations introduced into the design easily.



Figuring out Identity.

I had the single prompt of "trapezoid" to work off of, so that's where I started. Sketching ideas, then slowly reducing frills that would increase manufacturing costs, until I arrived at simplicity.


Fine tuning.

Figuring out the styling of the controls, contours on the sides, feet design, carry handle, Internal spacing and more took many iterations and hours in CAD.


Image courtesy of Raycon

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