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Terra Foot Roller Massager

Client: Shape Products


Addressing every ache.

Uniquely molding itself to each user, this roller massage features form-fitting rollers. Recycled Cork grip, nylon regrind frame, and sustainably sourced wood veneer come together to create this versatile hub of relaxation.



Arms? Legs? No problem.  Place the massager on a stable surface and roll away the pain.  Cork feet prevent slippage on any surface, eliminates unwanted marks .

Form fitting.

Flexible front and back rows of rollers conform to user's body, while the fixed central roller provides a pinpointed deep tissue massage.



Identifying the Problem.

Looking at existing products, I was able to identify the lack of side foot massage and variable stretch. Sketching different ideas, I was able to narrow down some specific forms for further study.



Testing an initial foot roller idea, It quickly became clear that dedicated side rollers were too finnicky. This lead to a second idea that featured depressible spring loaded rollers. This worked better, but still left consistency and reliable to be desired. 


After playing around with different types of springs for multiple rounds, it was clear that simplicity was key. I went back to a previous idea of using stiff bungee cord to facilitate the translating rollers, and it worked wonders. The final design was solidified.

Foot_Roller_Updated ORTHO.243.png
Foot_Roller_Updated ORTHO.293.png
Foot_Roller_Updated ORTHO.242.png
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